Saturday, January 28, 2017

Book Review: Robin Parrish's Vigilante

   Nolan Gray is out to become a modern day superhero after becoming disappointed with the non-stop violence around him. He is a war hero who sets up his own death so he can reinvent himself as someone who helps the victims of these crimes.
    This is the first novel I've read that has tried to take the superhero craze from comics, and graphic novels in a different format. I've always enjoyed the movies based from the comics, but I'm not a comic reader so I've never read them. Vigilante offered me the chance to enjoy superheroes through novels.
     The novel is entertaining, and it tries to explain all the characters motives for why they are apart of what they do. It never leaves you wondering why would a character act in the way they did? I mainly wish that the main character, Nolan Gray, was more complex.  He seemed too perfect, but also somewhat like Batman. Actually if you're looking for a comic he was most like it was Batman. He deals with a lot of the troubles that Batman has to, and Nolan Gray's mission is to clean up the crime in his city. Nolan's spiritual background is why he wants to help fight crime in the city, which is the main difference between him and other superhereos. I guess people would say this is the girl in me, but I wish he had a prominent romantic interest, but that was lacking.  It would have made the novel much more memorable to me. If this turns out to be a series I'll continue to be interested enough to see where it goes.
  Vigilante is a different book than what is out there.  If you're a superhero fan, and just into action then you'll enjoy what this novel has to offer.

This complimentary copy was provided by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review.

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