Friday, March 5, 2010

Where the Red Ferns Grow

  Lately I have been thinking, and hearing many stories about trusting God, and following His plan. I have to say sometimes it of course can be difficult, especially when life or the things you want don't progress. All this talk though about being led by His will also made me reflect on a book I read when I was around 11 years old. Obviously if you haven't read the title of the blog post by now it's Where the Red Fern Grows. I really do not think any other children book had more of an impact on forming my view about life and God than this one did. I find myself reflecting back to one of the lessons taught to Billy early on while he was seeking a way to purchase the Coonhounds he wanted so badly. 

      Billy begins wishing he had two Redbone Coonhounds, which seems impossible considering his family can't afford it. Billy begins praying to God to help him find a way to purchase and find two of the dogs. After much prayer Billy comes across an advertisement for two Coonhounds for $25 each. Billy knows that God has provided the way now it's his "heart, courage, and determination" that will be needed to earn the money to purchase the dogs.  After working various jobs for 2 years, he finally has $50. His grandfather writes to the kennel to find they are now $5 cheaper. 

         The message I took away from this part of the story is if ask and pray God will provide an open door according to His will, but it's our choice about the amount of effort we make to react on the opportunity given. I believe sometimes people think if something is God led then it will be easy. Perhaps because challenges make us doubt whether we made the right choice to begin with, and no one wants to feel such discouragement about their choice.

        Personally I plan on being more aware of the opportunities given, and I plan on giving some a chance with Him guiding me. I ask how will you ever know if it is the right choice if you don't even give it a chance?

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