Friday, February 24, 2012

52 of 1001 Albums: Jerry Lee Lewis' Live At The Star Club Hamburg

  Every since I heard 'Great Balls of Fire' I knew Jerry Lee Lewis would be good. His music is catchy. He's also a great piano player. His music almost has the vibe of Little Richard's. I for some reason couldn't find this actual album, but I was able to scrabble up some of the songs that were live, and studio recordings featured on the album.
  I think the first thing I realized is that I didn't know how much Jerry Lee Lewis' music I had come across.  Many of these songs I was able to recognize, and sometimes I was able to know them just by the title.
  Also, it it's instantly noticeable how unique Lewis' voice is. If I had to say the closest thing I've heard to his type of music is Elvis. It's a weird mesh of country, and rock and roll. I could see how some people might  dislike the sound of his voice though. There is a lot of boarder line yodeling.
  I'll definitely be checking out more of Lewis' music. Since I've started a record collection I think it would be cool to have it stowed away somewhere for the time when I get a record player to play it on. Though, this album was in the 60s, the songs have a great 50s vibe about them.


  1. Have you seen the 1989 movie "Great Balls of Fire"? Dennis Quaid gives an amazing performance as Jerry Lee! Totally recommended.

  2. I haven't seen that! Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely add that to my watch list. I was reading a little about Lewis while listening to him, and he seems like a fascinating guy.


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