Sunday, February 26, 2012

54 of 1001 Albums: The Beach Boys' Today!

   Whether you truly find The Beach Boys to be a band you would listen to or not, you can't deny their music is catchy. Besides that, they have one the most identifiable sounds in music.  It wouldn't matter if I had heard all of The Beach Boys' songs or not, but if one came on the radio I'm certain I could tell you they were singing it.
   I can't think of many bands before, or after The Beach Boys that sounds like they do. Despite the fact it's heavily associated with surfers there is almost something to the music that sounds like a goodbye to the 50s.  The music also seems heavily romantic. There is a lot of swooning, and trying to woe women on this album.
   The music plays like it is reminiscing over better times, and if you grew up listening to The Beach Boys it probably does just that.  You can picture old home movies playing to the music, and perhaps of course people surfing to it.
   There isn't anything to really say that is bad about The Beach Boys. There were moments that the songs sounded similar. 'Do You Wanna Dance?", and 'Kiss Me, Baby' keep the music interesting enough to look forward to what you will listen to next. Also, if you haven't noticed I much prefer putting live videos of the band in my post. I think it's much more enjoyable seeing the bands active in the time the album was released, and taking the music back to a different era.

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