Monday, February 27, 2012

55 of 1001 Albums: The Beatles' Rubber Soul

   I'm sure The Beatles will most listed band on this lists.  Considering The Beatles made quite a few albums, but I also remember that Bob Dylan is tied with them at this point, and he's been able to make music way longer. not even sure why this album was on the list since I didn't recognize any of their usual popular stuff on it. Not to say that it isn't popular it just didn't have the staple tunes you always associate with them, unless you are a hardcore fan.
  The best guess as to why I think this album was included is because it seems like an obvious turning point in the sound of their music. It sounds nothing like the previous ones I listened to. They are definitely heading more into the sounds that got them into the hippy market.
  It's not that The Beatles are bad to listen to. They are enjoyable to listen to, but I can't get into their music.    There is nothing I've listened to so far that I've remembered or felt like I needed to keep listening to. Maybe as their sound continues to change I will warm up to them more.
  There are also supposedly two versions of this album. An U.K version, and a U.S version. I listened to the U.K. one since it was all I could find on Amazon, causing me to believe it is the more popular of the two. I could be wrong though. I had heard some songs on the U.S. version that were not on the U.K. one, so that could have been my missing link as far as understanding it's popularity.

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