Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: Robin Jones Gunn's Sierra Jensen Collection Volume 1

  She’s the bold, free-spirited type. She’s cute, she’s fun, and she’s following God. She’s Sierra Jensen, Christy Miller’s good friend, ready for her junior year of high school! All twelve books in the popular Sierra Jensen series come together in four volumes to reveal the ups and downs of Sierra’s incredible God-led journey!
   Volume One: In Only You, Sierra, she’s nervous to be the “new girl” after her family moves to Portland and wonders if meeting Paul in London was only by chance. Just when everything important seems to elude her, all it takes is one weekend In Your Dreams to prove otherwise. But even a vacation doesn’t keep her troubles away in Don’t You Wish.

  Sometimes I'll take a chance, and see if there are still young adult novels that intrigue me. There are some that I come across that I do, but sometimes they are wrote in a way that is too young for me to find anything relatable about it. That is the case with the first volume of the Sierra Jensen series, which is combined of the first three books in her series. 
  I often ask myself while reading these type of books whether my sister would enjoy reading this, but maybe she is past the targeted age for this. She's almost fifteen, but I couldn't see her reading this novel, and enjoying the writing. It reads more like a middle school book, than for someone in high school. 
   Also, Sierra is rarely relatable. I found her jealousy of dating couples to be something I could understand. It's tough sitting back, and watching people succeed in that when you're failing at it. The thing is I didn't really begin to feel that way till I was in my twenties. In high school I was quite secure being single. There are other times that she seems very uptight, and it's annoying. I'm sure that is something she had to learn to let go of about herself, but the snobby attitude is never appealing even if you eventually learn better from it. 
   I think this would be a great series for a middle schooler. The book read like it was more geared to that audience even though it deals with the concept of high school. The character is supposed to be sixteen, but she seems younger to me. You can check out this book at Amazon

This book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for a review. 

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