Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: The High Waisted Pants

  See those pants to the left? I want those. These pants get a lot of hate from people, and only very few people can wear them.  I'm hoping I'm one of those people that can wear them since I really like the appearance of them.
  The first time I remember these pants catching my eye was when I watched Like Crazy. The lead female was wearing a pair of pants, and she wore them well. My search then began. I went to an H&M, and they had one pair left. I tried it on, and they were sadly too big. I need them snug as a glove. I then got online to wear I had saw the same pair listed, but with more selection perhaps. They had disappeared from the sight, and it was a disappointment. 
  Now I'm on Modcloth, which is where the pants from the left are. They have a few different pairs, but nothing that looks like it will fit me. I haven't ever shopped in sizes like "25", so I have no idea what will fit. Again, I'm left without any pants to find.  I have a whole outfit planned that is waiting for their arrival.
   So the only difficulty I've found with these pants is how they fit. They can fit great at the hips, and legs, but if you have a small waist you have a problem. Everything will be snug, but then you'll have looseness around your waist. You want everything fitting all the way around.
   I think some people find an annoyance with these pants, but I won't say why. They've gotten bad publicity after people who shouldn't be wearing them were wearing them. They are one of the few pants that will bring instant good, or bad attention, but nothing in between that. It will only be good or bad looks you get. 

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  1. You can take a bad picture of anyone wearing anything if you just wait for a bad angle and pose, which is what people are referring to. The look on Jessica Simpsons face and the fact that she is about to sit down accounts for the problem. Not the pants. Micha Barton has gained a little weight, and she carries it in her legs. So she doesn't look like she did at 17 years old. Few people do. The pants have nothing to do with that either. Give it a break, people. Do you really want some slob of a paparazzi with brown Nikes and stained shirt having the final say on your outfit? I don't. I buy Cheap Monday jeans at UO. Not too expensive, just the right stretch, and they fit me fine.


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