Thursday, March 1, 2012

58 of 1001 Albums: The Who's My Generation

   The most recognizable tune from The Who besides 'My Generation" had always been the song at the opening of CSI: Miami. Not that I watch that show I've just somehow picked up on the tune.  While it was exciting to hear music I've heard before I didn't find anything about The Who that would bring me back.
   Also, I should note the song from CSI: Miami is not on this album. It's just the only other song I've heard from them. I couldn't really get into their style though. I'm sure it inspired a lot of the music I listen to now, but every time I listened to it I just found myself not being drawn in by it.
   Some music has that effect when you listen to it. You begin listening, and then find it difficult to pull away form what you're listening to. I dreaded even going back to finish up the album because I wasn't finding anything fun about it.
   I understand The Who is a huge band, and I remember this band I listened to even pretending to be them for a television show that was reliving the days of American Bandstand. Their staple to their time, and I wish I could have enjoyed it.

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