Friday, March 2, 2012

59 of 1001 Albums: Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde

  I assume there is some artistic quality to this cover art that I'm not fully understanding. It looks like an out of focus, badly exposed shot. I guess if it was sharp that would make it boring, right?  Thankfully, the album is nothing like the cover art. It's been the best I've heard since The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. I think I'm just a huge fan of the harmonica.
  I think even if Bob Dylan made a bad album I couldn't really say anything against it. I'm too big of a fan. This album isn't bad by any means though. It'd be another great one to have on record. I just got The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan on record a week ago.
  This album seemed like a mix of Freewheelin', and Highway 61. It was more upbeat, but you could heavily still hear the folk in it.  The folk is what I like most from Dylan so I was glad to hear it was back after two albums. As always the lyrics were offbeat, and funky. They suited the 60s very well, or what you would envision that time to be like.
   As always Bob Dylan brings it. His music is timeless, and when you listen to him you can understand how he is resonating with people today. I was born a few decades after his music had hit big, and it was a couple of decades later that I even came across his music.

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