Saturday, March 3, 2012

60 of 1001 Albums: Donovan's Sunshine Superman

  So I saw the name of the album 'Sunshine Superman', and thought this should be interesting. Then I saw the album cover, and thought this might be bizarre. It turns out this album is probably as 60s as you will get if you are looking for what seemed to be the height of the hippy age. I can imagine tons of hippies loved Donovan because he was psychedelic to the maximum.
  The music isn't bad though, and the odd arrangements of instruments makes it interesting to listen to though. I'm quite sure a lot of people were getting into some stuff while this music was playing though. I'm not even sure how to describe the music.
   At times it sounded Asian, and then others it sounded like what you would play while looking through one those scopes that allows you to make different shapes with beads, and other oddities trapped at the bottom of it.
   This isn't something I would listen to again, but it was interesting enough to keep me enthused. I wish the songs had been a little shorter though because four minutes feels like forever sometimes.

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