Monday, March 5, 2012

62 of 1001 Albums: Fred Neil's Self Titled

  This is a nice break from the odd 60s music I kept having thrown at me. It's good in doses, but too much just gets repetitive. I tried to find as much as I could of this album considering it was a little difficult to get together. Fred Neil was a nice surprise though after what I was getting used to expecting.
  The music is like a mix of folk, and blues. It's very different yet has a similar sound to other things. The singer's voice actually sounds very country. The songs have interesting titles that keep you interested to like 'The Dolphins'. I imagine he was definitely in the hippy phase.
  I would say the only problem is that a lot of the songs sounded the same to me. I probably couldn't tell you the different songs if you asked because I couldn't tell them a part real well though I'm sure a true fan could.
  I won't be listening to Fred Neil again after this, but he was enjoyable from the stuff I had been listening to. I did find it interesting that Elvis, and The Smiths were recommend listening after listening to him. I wouldn't have even thought to listen to either of them after Neil.

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