Friday, March 9, 2012

65 of 1001 Albums: Paul Revere and the Raiders' Midnite Ride

  For some reason I just knew. I don't know how, but from the moment I saw the quirky name I knew this wouldn't be up my ally of things I wanted to listen to today. It goes along with much of the music being found in the 60s, but I wonder what sets them apart from the other countless rock bands? How did the guys who made this list continue to pick these bands? I'm thinking someone is just biased toward a certain style because this couldn't have been the only thing in that decade.
  I didn't have a favorite song from this, and found much of it to be something I wouldn't remember five minutes after listening to it. I'm sure it would be okay to listen to if I was distracted by something else, but the music doesn't inspire me or draw me in.
  Now if you are a fan of Paul Revere and the Raiders I don't think they are a bad band. I think they qualify as good music, they just aren't stand out to me. Especially since most the music in the 60s sounds like this.
  Overall, I'm getting a mix of music the past few days, but too much of this in a row is so tiring, and it's brutal to go through with this challenge when this happens.

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