Wednesday, March 14, 2012

68 of 1001 Albums: The Beatles' Revolver

   So if you haven't found a love of The Beatles yet then this list will force it on you till you agree with them, or just torture you with their albums if you never come to agreement. As we get into the mid-60s though The Beatles sound is having to evolve. The poppy tunes we got when they first started are trying to veer more into the psychedelic rock tunes coming along. Though The Beatles haven't been the worst thing to listen to they haven't caught my attention either. This album seems to be a step up from the prior ones I was listening to though. There was something more identifiable about the songs.
  One of my favorites from this album was 'Eleanor Rigby'. I've never heard it mentioned before along with the other dozens of Beatles' songs that people will refer to. I could see how it would slip under the radar, but it's quite unique in sound and lyrics. There is also the more popular songs like 'Yellow Submarine' to contend with on this album. If you're a Beatles fan then you already probably love this album, but if you aren't already like me then this might help you get started in that direction. Plus, the cover art is one of my favorites I've seen so far.


  1. This is my favorite Beatles album. :) I love "Here, There, and Everywhere" - it was my first Beatles song. :)

    Speaking of the cover, I got my dad a puzzle of this album art for Christmas one year. It was so complicated, nearly torture! But at least I didn't get him the puzzle with the cover of The White Album! ;)

  2. This is probably one of the best ones I listened to so far. :)

    That is awesome! :) That would make a great part of a music collection. I feel bad for whoever would buy the puzzle for The White Album though. They've probably bought several years of frustration.


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