Saturday, March 17, 2012

70 of 1001 Albums: The Kinks' Face to Face

   Today we have The Kinks, and if you should also know we are still working through 1966. There are a lot of bands they picked in this year. Anyways, The Kinks sound vaguely like The Beatles except maybe mixed with a 50s vibe at times.  The album started off really good, and I was enjoying their hits like 'Dandy', but then something happened and I began to zone out.
  As I began listening to what I thought was the last half of the album I noticed it just didn't interest me as much. It sounded the same, and I began zoning out. I may check out the first few songs that I liked on the album, but there was nothing that stood out to me near the end. Overall, it wasn't too bad, but I wish it had been consistently good till the end.

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