Sunday, March 18, 2012

71 of 1001 Albums: The Monks' Black Monk Time

   So again this list is not giving me anything I'm jiving with. I'm just honestly tired of this type of music. I feel like the early 60s, and the 50s at least had enough varying sound to know why it was staple for it's time even if I didn't enjoy it, but the 50th band that seems to sound like The Beatles is just getting old.  I actually couldn't even really get through this whole album because it didn't interest me enough to.
   Was there anything that stood out for me to mention on this album? Not really. It sort of sounded like a mix between The Sonics, and The Beatles, but I would have preferred them to sound more like The Sonics. Overall, I just wasn't too into this. To not this is probably one of the most modern album covers I've seen.

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