Tuesday, March 20, 2012

74 of 1001 Albums: Aretha Franklin's I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You

   I was very relieved to find that I would be listening to Aretha Franklin today. It's not like I'm particularly interested in her music, but there is something relaxing, and empowering about it. Also, I'm sure there are great reasons to like The Yardbirds, and they are famous for those reasons, but it's nice coming across an artist that I have heard of, but never took time to listen to.
   As stated, her music is really empowering for women regardless of whether you enjoy the sound or not. It isn't overtly feminist either. It's just about respecting women. At times the songs can be a little long though. That isn't many of the songs, but when you have a few songs to work through it can feel like the album is taking forever. Overall, this was a relief from the normal 60s music.

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