Thursday, March 22, 2012

77 of 1001 Albums: Country Joe And The Fish's Electric Music For The Mind And Body

  I saw the name of this band, and I tried to force the thought away that I wouldn't enjoy this album once again. I figured that it would be different this time, and I would hear something completely different. That wasn't the case though. While the sound was slightly different, and had some interesting effects, it was still the same old unenjoyable stuff. I'm sure this continues to fall under the psychedelic music that became huge, but I think there is too much of this music on the list. I'm just not finding anything catchy about it.
  Country Joe goes along with the typical sound I see featured in this genre. He has a light voice, and it's a bit off. Then you throw in a few other oddities, like a random organ that sounds like it's making the song a bad horror movie in 'Porpoise Mouth'. Yes, you read that song title right! I'm still in the same year, 1967. I slowly edging toward the end, but I believe I have another before I'm even close to the 70s. I'm just ready for this music to start disappearing from the list. Woodstock was a very interesting festival, but I don't think I would have enjoyed a huge selection of the music there.

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