Saturday, March 24, 2012

78 of 1001 Albums: Cream's Desraeli Gears

  I saw the album cover, and I knew I would be listening to the same sort of stuff I hadn't been enjoying again today.  The positive is that I can now identify a band, and name the song of a popular song I hear quite often on television still. That was one of the hopeful goals of this challenge. The music isn't bad though, but not particularly what I would want to listen to either. 
  I think the first thing that I noticed that I found interesting was the name, Cream. It reminded me of Cake, or something. It's appealing, and simple, and perhaps since it is a form of food it draws you in more. I probably won't listen to Cream again though. I'm just into the popular hippy music of the 60s. It sounds very similar, and doesn't catch me. 


  1. Cream's name comes from being the "Cream of the Crop" - referring to the band members being awesome separately, and forming this exponentially awesome supergroup.

    I grew up listening to Cream, but I have to say I prefer Eric Clapton solo. (Sorry Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce.)

  2. Thanks for sharing the information! The name has interesting origins. I think it's been interesting seeing where certain very famous solo performers have gotten their start.


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