Wednesday, March 28, 2012

82 of 1001 Albums: Love's DeCapo

  When I saw this band's name was Love, and I knew it was released in the 60s I made the assumption that it would be unenjoyable, but it wasn't too bad. Something about the music was more lively than other bands in this genre. The problem is that I only listened to two songs from this album because I couldn't find it anywhere.
  From the two songs I heard though they were very similar, and didn't catch me enough to really care if I heard more of the album. I have to listen to them again tomorrow, so I'm sure whatever sounds I missed on this one I will find on the other. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I discovered this band a few years ago and I am in love (haha, pun)! My favorite song is "You Set the Scene" from the album "Forever Changes." You must listen to it IMMEDIATELY.

  2. I'm listening to "Forever Changes" today! :) I'm looking forward to it. I felt like "DaCapo" was almost similar to an EP, so far I'm enjoying "Forever Changes" much more.


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