Thursday, March 29, 2012

83 of 1001 Albums: Love's Forever Changes

  Today was another album from Love, and I'm wondering what was even the purpose of giving me the other album to listen to. This one was enough to prove whether someone will like or dislike Love without adding that one on. Actually, I think it was a bad misrepresentation of their potential. This album sounded much better, and I thought the variety in sound between each song was really surprising.
  Though this album fits in well with most of the other 60s music of the time, the use of instruments makes it stand out. I love that the band included brass in some of the songs. We also get fast paced songs, and slower songs sort of switching up all the seriousness, and fun on the album. I'm still not sure I will be listening to Love in the future again, but I am curious to if my interest in their music will continue to grow, or have peaked with this one listening of the album.


  1. I love this album so much. <3

  2. Robert Plant once said that this would be his choice for a "Desert Island disc". This has remained one of my favorite albums for years, because it always strikes me differently each time I hear it. It is definitely an album that deserves multiple listens over time.

  3. Great comment! I've been meaning to listen to this one again.


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