Saturday, March 31, 2012

84 of 1001 Albums: Merle Haggard's I'm a Lonesome Fugitive

  I have no idea why, but whenever I'm given country music to listen to I'm always relieved by it. I think the first thing I noticed about Merle Haggard is that he wasn't dressed in the bright costume like suits that most country artists wore in the 60s. He actually looks like he is trying to be James Dean. Perhaps, bright suits wouldn't have matched the theme of the album, which is to be a fugitive.
  There wasn't anything particularly catchy about this album though. It's for easy listening if you need it, but nothing stands out. In a way all the songs sound similar with the same use of the instruments over.  Haggard does well by keeping to his theme of singing about being a fugitive though. He sings about everything from being a lonely fugitive to asking his love for forgiveness. I did read that most of his songs are based on real life experiences, so that is quite interesting.

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