Saturday, March 31, 2012

85 of 1001 Albums: Moby Grape's Self Titled

  I was very disappointed that there was not more of Moby Grape's music to listen to. There were only bits, and pieces of their music available on Spotify. I think I was listening to this music at the perfect time. There was something comforting, and relatable about it, which was a relief considering I saw the cover and thought I might be getting another dose of the 60s rock I had been. I thought it was also cool that this is one of the few bands that had all the members contribute equally to the album in some form, which made this interesting blend of blues and folk I hadn't heard before.
  I can still hear how this band would have influenced bands after it. They had a 70s rock sound to them, which was obviously before it's time. They may not be a band I return to to listen to over again, but they weren't bad, and I can see how they rippled effected music.

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