Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Polka Dots

  Sometimes all it takes is a stroll through the store for me to notice a new trend. Last week I was walking through the store, and saw a polka dot shirt. At first it didn't resonate with me, but a week later I began seeing polka dots everywhere.
  Most clothing sites I visited were now featuring apparel that had polka dots. Not only was this showing up in clothing stores, but also on television. Elizabeth Hasselback on the view had on a white, and red polka dot shirt. I was then thankful that I opted to pass on the polka dots, not because of who was wearing them,  but because I'm not too into gliding with the trends. I do like the polka dot look though. There is something classic about it.
  Whenever I think of polka dots I think of more vintage clothing. I think at the end of the summer I may browse the racks for what is left from the polka dot trend. I was actually looking at two shirts that were the same style. One was polka dot, and the other was flower print. The polka dot one was five dollars more than the same style.  I began wondering if it was just because it was polka dots?

  I'm personally a fan of the trend though I might wait till it dies down a bit, so I don't blend in too much. Also, it shows that polka dots can extend beyond vintage dresses, tops and even hairbands. ModCloth has a whole array of polka dot clothing.

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