Sunday, March 4, 2012

61 of 1001 Albums: Frank Zappa and The Mother of Inventions' Freak Out!

  The psychedelic music continues with Frank Zappa, and it is weird. It didn't sound as 60s as Donovan, but I'm quite sure probably the same audience was listening to both. Looking at the cover o the album you would have no idea what to expect though. The songs actually cover some deep issues though, or at least deeper than the ones you would think a band with this album cover would.
   For some reason I decided to read through Youtube comments, which were left on the band's songs. I'm sure most would consider this a major mistake, especially since the Youtube comments have become ridiculous.
   I thought it was interesting that this band was heavily compared to The Beatles though, and there seemed to be a debate who started the hippy genre that spanned over many bands. Obviously, most people believe it was this band, or The Beatles that did with Rubber Soul. I will avoid trying to weigh in on that debate especially since I wasn't alive to witness that.
  Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of the music. I found nothing catchy about it, or anything that would bring me back to listen again. It's an interesting showcase of the 60s though.

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