Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings: Worrying

  You worry, I worry, we all probably worry. Except I probably worry more than the average person.  Sometimes I will realize how excessive my worrying has become, and tone it down. Other times it will roll out of control till all I can do is lay down to sleep to try to escape it. There no talking me down from it at that point because it has consumed to the point of making me unable to focus on work I may need to do. I'm not sure how many people get stressed, or worried that bad. I think it holds me back from a lot, and keeps me from being unable to enjoy my life as much as I could.
  My beliefs even stress the point that I shouldn't worry, or at least not to the extent I do. I worry about something as minor as what I might wear on a date to whether I'll have money to fill my car with gas. If it's possible to worry about then you'll find me doing that.
  A couple of passages from the Bible that I try to refer to are Matthew 6:34, and John 14:27.  Both verses talk about not letting worrying overcome you, or being troubled. Sometimes it's comforting to read this things, but I actually have to go over them for them to take effect.
  I think I've become slightly better about overcoming worrying. I'm not always successful at it, but there are times that I find myself actually taking my breath, and realizing that something isn't the end of the world.  Some days are easier than others, but the ones that prove I can do it are the ones that give encouragement for the other days.

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