Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie Review: Like Crazy

  American Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and British Anna (Felicity Jones) meet and fall madly in love at college in Los Angeles, but must make their relationship work long distance when Anna returns to London. With an ocean between them, their trust is tested, forcing them to confront the idea that their love may be impermanent. Or can it survive against the odds? This romantic drama won the Grand Jury Dramatic prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.
  Most of us have experienced relationships, and along with that the ups, and downs of being committed to someone else. Some of us are still recovering, while some of us are well enough now to watch Like Crazy, and not mourn our previous loses while reliving them through the most realistic scenes of a relationship you'll probably ever see. 
  Like Crazy is shot in a way that you feel you're right there with a couple. We witness the growth, and the joys of a beginning relationship, and we see the heartache when those things are clouded over by the sacrifice it takes of being with someone else. The question is whether this couple will be able to overcome this time that hits everyone eventually in a relationship?  Anton and Felicity do a great job at keeping the audience's attention through scenes that might be otherwise boring. The chemistry between them is so natural. 
  The painful moments are so real. I walked out of the theater remembering every moment in my life I felt like that. The frustration, and anxiety from the unknowable aspects of a relationship are all dealt with, and will hit home with people who have been through the same. The scenes are beautifully shot, and it seems like there was a lot of attention to the detail of colors to catch the atmosphere perfectly.
  Now there are some things that seem way too jumped into, but I won't spoil that. These things don't quite make sense to an outside viewer, but maybe to two crazy young people in love it does. 
   Overall, Like Crazy is a great movie. I really enjoyed the pacing, and how the movie kept throwing loops to keep audiences watching. You really never knew what would come next for these two, and the ending actually surprised me. You can check it out at Amazon

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