Thursday, March 8, 2012

Television Thursday: Portlandia

  So tomorrow is the season finale of Portlandia, and I'm a bit sad because I just started watching the show. I do have the whole first season to catch up on though. A comedy duo stars in this comedy show, acting out different personalities you can in Portland, Oregon. I think what makes this show great is that they feature real locations, so it adds to the realness of what they are trying to portray. I'm glad that the show lived up to my expectations of funniness.
  It's true that probably the huge vibe you will get from this show is hipster, but it doesn't only feature hipsters. You have characters from the older community to feminist groups. Some of the funniest scenes have been at the feminist bookstore in Portland.  I also really enjoyed the music festival episode. I think what makes the show so good is that I can sometimes see myself actually being in the places the characters frequent.
  If you're not a fan of over-exaggerated humor then this might not be your show though. The characters are over the top, and some of the scenarios are really out there. For example, one episode had a couple who brought home an exotic fruit that turned out to be an alien.
  I didn't discover Portlandia until it's second season, which is a disappointment, but I'm glad I did before I missed anymore. Now it's just a matter of finding those on DVD to get caught up. Actually, the collection would be worth having on DVD regardless. I love going back, and watching certain scenes over again. Plus, the show has great guest stars! I anxiously awaited which band member of The Smiths was going to appear last week.

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