Thursday, March 1, 2012

Television Thursdays: The River

   The horror trend has caught back on with television. Perhaps by the onset of romance, and horror vampire shows that came in a wave before them like True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, which whether you like it or not, do have an element of horror to them. Following suit you have shows like American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead. Now comes The River from the director of Paranormal Activity, and with a little support from Steven Spielberg.
   The first episode is intriguing, and it terrifies you a bit, but you begin wondering during the second episode how in the world they are going to continuing interesting people with this. A group of people have wandered into the jungle to seek a researcher who had a famous television after he disappears. This group includes his son, and wife.  After not being in the jungle too long they begin to discover some weird stuff is going down out there.
   I had high hopes for the show after the first hour of the first episode. Maybe it was the two hours I had to sit for a premiere though that killed it. I just can't take in that much show in 2 hours, unless it's called Lost.  I would take a five hour movie of that show.  I can only take so many shocking attacks from a force I can't see, and seeing people scurry in the jungle aimlessly before I'm just confused. Besides those problems there are these terrible camera techniques the show is using. I know The River isn't real so there is no reason to film it documentary style as if it is. It is ridiculous to bleep out someone during a show, and pretend like you have cameras all over the boat to capture all the conversations the camera crew can't always film. Besides that it just ruins how good the show could be. I'm having to view the show through shaky hands, or through scratchy cameras almost all the time. Then again, Paranormal Activity never caught on with me. If you will love that then you love this.
   I have no idea if I will continue to try this show out. I feel like I have dropped out of it. Steven Spielberg has been a part of some great stuff, but his television shows this season are weak. I'm dropped out of Terra Nova after the first episode. The casting didn't catch me, but that's a whole other post.

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