Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wednesday Movie Night: Hearts In Atlantis (2001)

  An elderly man (Anthony Hopkins) with bad eyesight and a gift for second sight moves into a widower's home as a boarder and befriends the woman's young son (Anton Yelchin), who reads to the aging visionary and learns of his mysterious power -- and the danger he's trying to escape. Set in the 1960s, this coming-of-age drama based on a short story by Stephen King came on the heels of the successful adaptation of King's The Green Mile.
   I read this Stephen King novel not too long ago, and I remember being surprisingly intrigued by though I couldn't remember a good portion of the novel. As I started watching the movie again little bits I could remember, and from there I had the whole movie pieced together again before it ended.  The only problem is that the movie didn't near fascinate me as much as the book did, it even straddled being boring at times. 
   I have no idea why the book was difficult to put down, yet the movie I wanted to stop at times. Maybe the characters in the book jumped off the page more, and the movie took that away. I know a lot of people hate when people compare books, and movies, but I think when you make a movie adaptation of someone else's work that is what you get. You are taking a story and translating it to screen. 
The one positive is that the widower was at least someone you could feel more compassion for. In the book she was difficult to feel bad for considering her bad circumstances. I didn't think Anthony Hopkins was the right choice for his role though. I felt like the guy should have been quirkier, and more endearing. Hopkins never comes off as endearing for me. 
   This isn't an attempt at horror like King is known for. I don't think he's done straight up horror for a while actually, except for the one recent short story collection he did. This is more of an attempt at something sentimental, and to show how a little boy is changed by the people around him in the pivotal time of leaving his childhood. You can check it out at Amazon

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