Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday Movie Night: My Week With Marilyn (2011)

   While filming a movie in England, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe slips away with a young Brit for a week of self-discovery and frivolity. The story that ensues is based on the real-life memoirs of Colin Clark, once assistant to Sir Laurence Olivier.
   While Marilyn Monroe provided some good quotes for future use, I've never been a fanatic fan. I'm sort of indifferent to her persona, but this movie could change that perception toward her. So my basis for wanting to view this movie wasn't based on being a Monroe fan. I was actually more interested in seeing Michelle Williams portray her. 
   If you didn't think Williams could act before this movie then you will after. I've seen her in a couple of other movies, and she has a range I rarely see in actors. I think she was robbed of not winning the Oscar for her performance in this. Anyone who has seen her in other works knows the depth of her acting. She brings out the complexity, and issues we all associate with Monroe having.  I actually found Monroe to be more relatable than I expected. She is like an overdramatized version of the abandonment, and longing for love we all feel at times in life. Sadly, her trying to find love, and avoid further abandonment ate away at her. I remember Megan Fox making a statement to the extent of saying that Monroe was "negative, disturbed, and bipolar." Regardless, of whether Monroe was bipolar someone needs to inform Fox it's a legitimate disorder to not be frowned upon. Besides that if Fox did any research on Monroe she would see she was rooted in some deeply miserable upbringings. Not that that's an excuse to go wild, but considering she probably went through more than Fox could understand it's seem in-compassionate to make the claims she did. 
   As for the other parts of the movie, when Williams is not on screen it loses it's magic. There wasn't anything terrible about the other actors the movie was just dull without her. You're basically watching for the next Monroe appearance. There are lots of beautiful scenes though, and it captures the tragedy, and successfulness of Monroe's career perfectly. 
   If you're a Monroe fan it might be something you want to check out, or if you just like Oscar movies.  It lulls a little too much for other people who aren't usual fans of these types of movies. In the meantime someone needs to inform Fox to be careful of how she uses the word 'bipolar'. You can check out the movie at Amazon

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