Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1001 Albums: Have I liked any of these bands?

  So since it was recently said that I did not like music, and some other assumptions about me were made because many of the bands in the 60s I haven't liked. I thought I should gather up the musicians, and bands that I have liked. I know jazz, and 60s rock has it's staple place in music history for a reason, but I can't help that certain bands don't appeal to my me. Not everyone is a fan of The Who, or John Beck. Now if you want to read ahead of who I am a fan of then read on...

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Tim Buckley
3. The Rascals
4. The Velvet Underground
5. Nico
6. The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper and The Lonely Hearts Club
7. The Electric Prunes
8. The Doors
9. The Beau Brummels
10. The Byrds - Younger than Yesterday
11. Love - Forever Changes
12. Loretta Lynn
13. The Kinks - Face to Face
14. The Beach Boys
15. Fred Neil
16. The Sonics
17. Bob Dylan
18. Nina Simone
19. Otis Redding
20. Buck Owens
21. Jerry Lee Lewis
22. Bert Jansch
23. Solomon Burke
24. Miram Makeba
25. Ray Charles
26. Joan Boez
27. Elvis Presley
28. Ella Fitzgerald
29. Jack Elliot
30. Billie Holiday
31. Sabu
32. Buddy Holly/ The Chirping Crickets
33. Louis Prima
34. Little Richard
35. Fats Domino
36. Ray Price
37. James Brown

  I have liked 37 out of 112 bands so far. Yes, that isn't anywhere near a lot of them, but new music has been birthed from this that I do listen to now. If you prefer reading about bands I have liked then search for those. I have musical preferences, but who doesn't? If you don't like seeing bands you like possibly bashed then don't read this.

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