Sunday, April 15, 2012

100 of 1001 Albums: The Who's The Who Sell Out

   This is the second album from The Who the list has given me, and the first one had some memorable tunes, but I did not enjoy it. This album didn't change my opinion. It was interesting to listen to since it had an array of different things they were using to keep it interesting, but there was nothing catchy about it. At some points it was just very strange, and I felt like they were trying to be different just to be different, which I guess fits with the theme of them selling out. 
  I don't think I'll become a fan of The Who anytime soon. I am sure I will be given more albums that give them a chance, but for the most part nothing has stood out to me so far. I thought this was interesting to listen to, but it is nothing I would go back over, and listen to again. I will say that the cover art is really great though. I would not miss that browsing a record store. 

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