Monday, April 16, 2012

101 of 1001 Albums: The Young Rascals' Groovin'

 At the time this album was released they were called The Young Rascals, but later they shortened to The Rascals. So if you want to check out this band remember you'll probably have better luck searching for The Rascals.  Anyways, when I saw the album cover I thought I was going to get another bought of 60s rock, but what I heard blew me away. It was more like soul rock! It was totally not what I expected. Also, most the songs on this album are covers, which was disappointing considering I prefer original music when I'm listening to a band. 
  The lead singer has very interesting vocals, and they stand out on a few songs. "A Girl Like You" was a great way to begin the album, and keep the listener listening for another track they would enjoy as much as this one. The second song wasn't as great, and if it had been the starting song I wouldn't have been too thrilled to be listening to the rest. 

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