Tuesday, April 17, 2012

102 of 1001 Albums: Tim Buckley's Goodbye and Hello

  Buckley sounds quite familiar. For some reason I hadn't heard of Jeff Buckley's dad, Tim Buckley, who oddly died around the age of 28, which was only a couple of years younger than the age his son died at.  The start of this album wasn't too promising, but then I arrived at the single called "Pleasant Street". This is probably one of the best songs I have heard in a a long time. It captures tons of emotion. 
  There are some hits, and misses on this album. He was heavily a folk artist, and his voice is very unique. It almost has a feminine like quality to it. It's interesting to listen to, and how he utilizes it in each song. So if you're fan of 60s folk, or maybe just looking for something that is linked to Jeff Buckley then you might want to check out. Since I am more so from Jeff Buckley's generation, I am more aware of him than I was of Tim Buckley. 

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