Wednesday, April 18, 2012

103 of 1001 Albums: Alexander "Skip" Spence's Oar

  Alexander "Skip" Spence can be an enjoyable guy to listen to depending on what mood you're in. He is definitely music you would listen to only if you were in a relaxing mood.  I also noticed that Spence sounded really familiar, and it took me a few songs to place the name, but Eddie Vedder sounds a lot like him. I was about to say Spence sounded like Vedder, but that is obviously backwards. 
  My major problem with this album is that it was way too long. I think 20 songs is more than enough, and I honestly don't have the time to sit to listen to that many songs. Perhaps, if he had been more enjoyable I would have, but you would have to be amazing for me to stay focused that long. Also, I had no troubles finding this album at all. It has to have been his most popular, and maybe only major release because of the ease finding songs from it. 

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