Thursday, April 19, 2012

104 of 1001 Albums: Aretha Franklin's Lady Soul

   I think if you can't enjoy Aretha Franklin then you probably don't enjoy music. It is timelessly catchy music. I was already looking forward to the album before I even knew what was on it. You can be having a bad day, and this music will make you feel better, so it was exactly what I needed to listen to today. There are also a lot of recognizable songs on the album.
   First we have "Chain of Fools", and even though I didn't recognize the title upon first seeing it, I instantly knew the tune.  The second song I was able to know was "(You Make Me Feel) A Natural Woman", which I'm sure is know just by it's name. These enjoyable hits, plus the other songs made this a good album to listen to, especially today.

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