Sunday, April 22, 2012

106 of 1001 Albums: Big Brother and The Holding Company's Cheap Thrills

  Upon reading this band's name I didn't know I would be listening to the beginning of Janis Joplin's career.  This music is highly catchy, and the lead guitarist is insanely talented. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him. I think in a way it is kind of sad that Janis Joplin overshadowed them. Every time I went to search for the name of this band, only Janis Joplin's name would come up. It categorized only under her name!
  Whenever I come across something about Joplin there is a sadness to it though. I don't know if you have read a biography, or watched a documentary about her, but she seemed like a sad person. I think she was someone always striving to get out this loneliness that she had let take hold, and consume her. She just didn't seem like a person very comfortable with life, which is probably what led to her very early death. This album proves she has a lot of talent though, and so did the guys in the band who don't get as much notoriety. This album features their very popular single "Piece of my Heart."

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