Tuesday, April 24, 2012

108 of 1001 Albums: Caetano Veloso's Self Titled

  Brazil has become a hot spot for music to be from on this list besides the United States, or United Kingdom. It's very slow moving music, and it has a timeless sound to it. There is nothing that makes this music sound exclusive to the 60s for me. The problem is I just don't really enjoy the sound. I wasn't a huge fan of Gilberto, but I think I enjoy Veloso even less. It was even slower, and his voice is less interesting than hers was. This is like music you would play at cocktail hour before the party gets started.
  Some of the songs are in english, and some are in spanish. So the fact I couldn't understand a lot of the music caused me to not be able to relate to it well, but it was enjoyable to listen to the music sung in another language. There is a catchy song, or two on the album, but I don't think I will be going back to listen to this one anymore.

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