Monday, April 2, 2012

86 of 1001 Albums: Nico's Chelsea Girl

  This wasn't the first time I've listened to Nico. I actually heard her music several months ago during a movie while watching. You're probably very familiar with the movie, and if you haven't watched it then you need to! The scene her song 'These Days' was used in was quite brilliant. To introduce you, or refresh your memory I will share the clip from The Royal Tenenbaums.

  Anyways, this was my chance to listen to the rest of her music to see if it was all around good, or if this song was the only good pick from the album. There are some other good songs on this one, and there are also some bad ones. This album has hits and misses, so it wasn't all around enjoyable to get through. Mostly, the the only unenjoyable parts is when she got really hippy. Also, I thought it was quite tragic that she died in a bicycle accident a couple of decades later while vacationing with her son. She survived years of drug abuse before. 

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