Wednesday, April 4, 2012

88 of 1001 Albums: The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band

  I've always wondered what is so great about The Beatles, because though the last albums were good they were not what I had hoped. With the last album I could tell I was going somewhere, and with this one I feel like I fully discovered why they are classic. This album is really good. Every song is unique on it's own, and the instruments come together to make a circus like sound. It doesn't sound like the repetitive sounds I've gotten with the odd 60s music though there is the occasional song that does. . My favorite is "With A Little Help From My Friends", and "Lucy In The Sky". They are such classics.
  So finally I am seeing what was the hype surrounding The Beatles. I found it interesting that they made a transition into a totally different branch of music than what they started out in. You don't see many if any bands doing that nowadays.

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