Saturday, April 7, 2012

90 of 1001 Albums The Byrds' Younger Than Yesterday

  The Byrds have done it! It took a few albums, but I am now a fan. This is such a fun album. I could imagine myself going on a road trip to this, while switching it up with some Bob Dylan. My favorite from the songs was "Thoughts and Words". The instruments, and lyrics were catchy, and relatable.
  What I noticed about this album from their previous ones is that they used a greater selection of instruments, and got creative with their guitar sound. That was enjoyable enough to listen to, but I also liked the singer's voice this go around. There are a few slower songs on here that I didn't really enjoy, but the majority of the songs make up for the few ones like that. I also wasn't too into the occasional odd venture into the 60s psychedelic sound. I can't get past how cheesy it sounds, or how much it reminds me of something like Austin Powers.  I think this might even be a great record to have on the shelf.

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