Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: Cindy Woodsmall's When the Soul Mends

  After receiving a desperate and confusing call from her sister, Hannah Lapp reluctantly returns to the Old Order Amish community of her Pennsylvania childhood.
  Having fled in disgrace more than two years earlier, she finally has settled into a satisfying role in the 
Englischer world. She also has found love and a new family with the wealthy Martin Palmer and the children she is helping him raise. But almost immediately after her arrival in Owl’s Perch, the disapproval of those who ostracized her, including her headstrong father, reopens old wounds.
  As Hannah is thrown together with former fiancĂ© Paul Waddell to work for her sister Sarah’s mental health, hidden truths surface about events during Hannah’s absence, and she faces an agonizing decision. Will she choose the 
Englischer world and the man who restored her hope, or will she heed the call to return to the Plain Life–and perhaps to her first love?
When the Soul Mends is the third and final book in the Sisters of the Quilt series.
  Perhaps, the most boring book I have read so far? I kept trying to figure out the problem as I read through the book as to why I could find nothing to bring me back to it. It took me almost a week to finish a 300 page book. That is way too long for me. I've consumed 1000 page Stephen King novels in that amount of time.  Yet I continue to read Amish fiction anyway in the hopes of finally finding someone who makes it interesting. 
  This book is the third one in a series. I have picked up in the middle of series before, and had no problem maintaining interest. I may have felt slightly disconnected from the characters, but not bored. Also, it could just be that I'm not a fan of Woodsmall. I've read a couple of her other books, and out of the few I have read I only enjoyed one. 
  Another thing is this book sticks with a typical layout for a story. We have some major issues, and the lead is fighting for her feelings over two male characters. I think the huge cast of characters takes away from Hannah though. I am constantly leaping around from viewpoint to viewpoint in this book. The whole thing between Elle, and Matthew just seems meaningless, and I couldn't tie it back to the rest of the characters in anyway. 
  If you love Amish fiction then I am sure you will like it. It isn't much different than what I read in the genre. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but so far I haven't found it to be my thing. You can check out the book at Amazon


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