Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost Rewind: Pilot 1

  It's that time of the year. The time that I usually get out my Lost DVDs, and travel through all the episodes reliving why this show is my favorite one of all time. I still haven't found anything that gets me so excited about watching television weekly. This time around though I want to try to blog about the episodes I'm watching.      This won't be a daily thing, it'll just occur when the motivation strikes me. Anyways, right now I'm just going to discuss the first episode a bit. If you've ever planned on watching this show you might want to avoid considering spoilers. This show has been off the air for almost two years now, so get on that if you haven't seen it. 
    I remember when this show first aired that I was not home that night. I honestly never even considered I would take up watching this show. My mom had recorded it while my family was out though, and we watched it a bit later. I have no idea what truly first caught me about this show because everything I liked about it at the end wasn't as strongly themed in the beginning. We have a lot of the mystery set up right from the beginning. There is a monster roaming the island, somehow these people have miraculously survived, the dog is acting as strange as all get out, and we keep having these flashbacks of certain survivors thrown in.     There has to be more to these flashbacks than to just tell us a little bit about each survivor, right? 
   Considering the realistic crash scene, this was an expensive production to make, and thankfully it all ended up going well. I think the most intriguing part of this episode for me is Locke. I'm not even sure we know he is    Locke in this episode yet. He's the guy with the orange in his mouth when he looks at Kate if you can't recall. We know this guy is a freak, or at least that is what we assume, and the twists that follow with him are probably what keep you watching. 
  I think it was the last few minutes of this show that really got me to continue watching. It is really difficult to stop watching a show that has a monster rip a man from an airplane while the other survivors watch in horror. I had to watch in the hopes that matter would be solved quickly, but it is all solved in the perfect timing depending on your patience. 

Questions Presented:
What is the monster? 
Where are they?
Who is the weird guy smiling at Kate with an orange in his mouth?
Why is the dog appearing everywhere?
How did the survivors survive? 

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