Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lost Rewind: Pilot 2

  So the show is already getting a head start on amping up the mystery of the characters. I think if there is anything done well on Lost it is how people would react once they are immediately thrown in a chaotic situation with a bunch of strangers. Unless someone you knew was on this plane with you then you have no one to trust, and anyone could be anyone. This seems to be the premise of this episode, which oddly I didn't conclude until this time of watching, and beginning to write this. 
  Jack seemed to be the central figure of episode 1, but now we're veering off, and we are getting insights to Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Boone, Shannon, and whoever else you can think of. There seems to be one character we're still just getting glances at though, and that is Locke. He's here, and there still, but for the most part he is mysterious. Plus, he increases his strangeness with the light, and dark comparison when playing Backgammon with Walt. This sets up so many things for the upcoming seasons of Lost. 
  It's very difficult to miss the most baffling thing above all about this episode though, and that is the fact we have a polar bear on the island. Many people questioned whether the creators of this show ever knew where Lost was going, and for some reason I believe the polar bear is proof they always knew where the show was going. The monster, and polar bear had a purpose for them to already be in the show. There is one thing missing from this episode that the viewers probably wanted more of though, and that is the monster. Instead we are left wondering how the polar bear, and the monster are all connected? Or are they even connected at all? 
  From this episode we are finding that some survivors are becoming with their state of being stranded on this island, while some are refusing to believe this may be their future for a while. No one seems to have fully prepared to face the fact this could be their home though. Barriers between the survivors are beginning to slip as they realize there are bigger things lurking in the jungle that causes them to need someone to trust.   Some connections have already been made like Jack and Kate, while others like Boone, and Shannon are fighting against each other in a world where they find themselves needing someone for support. There are tons of other mysteries presented in this episode though, especially concerning the transceiver, which has opened up a whole new aspect to the world that the survivors have bee thrown into. 

Questions Presented: 
Who was wearing the handcuffs? 
Where did the polar bear come from? 
What was Sawyer reading? 
Why is a French message still repeating from the island? 

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