Wednesday, May 2, 2012

117 of 1001 Albums: Shiv Kumar Shumar's The Call of the Valley

1968 must have been the year that Indian music was a hit.  This one seemed to have a bit more of an interesting backdrop than Ravi Shankar though.  The Call of the Valley follows the life of an India shepherd, and it became known as one of the most influential albums to many famous musicians including George Harrison, and Bob Dylan. 

My Thoughts 
I enjoyed this album more than Ravi Shankar. There different types of instruments used to capture the Indian sound that are probably more familiar to Westerners as we are called, such as the flute and guitar. I can see why so many folk artists would enjoy this album. It captures that sound with the use of the guitar, and it's honestly very soothing music. I also couldn't help but imagine the story that was being told along with these songs. My only tiff is that ten minutes long songs are a tad bit long for me. 

Rating: 3 of 5 stars. 

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