Thursday, May 3, 2012

118 of 1001 Albums: Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends

So we've already seen Simon and Garfunkel make an appearance on this list, and now they are again with their fourth album, Bookends. This album is focused around the theme of childhood to old age. Bookends also includes songs featured in the classic movie, The Graduate, which probably has one of the best soundtracks in history. This album was a huge hit, chopping charts in America, and U..K.

My Thoughts
Anything I have to say about Simon and Garfunkel is probably already biased. I also have this record on vinyl, which feels really good. After listening to Bookends, I don't know how anyone could dislike Simon and Garfunkel. The songs are simple, sweet, and short.  I think "Bookends" is difficult to beat as far as a favorite on this album. Every time I listen to it I think about the saddest things in my past, but I do like the hopeful tone of it. Probably the most unique, and appreciated contribution to this album was "The Voices of Old People" I think it carried this album from just being known as music to actually being known as a real story. I actually went out on a limb, and bought this album because I liked one song on it at the time, but I'm relieved I picked it up.

Rating 5 of 5.

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