Saturday, May 5, 2012

119 of 1001 Albums: The Band's Music From the Big Pink

First off, this album mixes the sounds of the most notable genres of music like rock, and country for a unique blend. Even more interesting is the origins behind the title of this album. Though not a huge story it tells the listener straight from where the music came from, which is a house the band lived in together called "Big Pink".    The fact that Bob Dylan helped write three songs on this album makes it even a better listen.

My Thoughts
It's not going to be the most exciting thing to share that I listen to The Band, since the name isn't very standout, but some of these songs definitely are. "Tears of Rage" was a great song to choose to begin the album. Even if everything else falls a little short this song keeps you listening to see if anything can rival how good it is, but sadly that never happens. Another one that probably many people are familiar with though, and does sound good also is, "The Weight". These two songs from the album make it really great.  They far surpass the other songs on the album, and have enough substance to keep you excited about listening. I like the blend of sounds on the album, and the creativity produced from it.

Rating 4 of 5.

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