Friday, May 11, 2012

125 of 1001 Albums: The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society

Forget Bob Dylan, or The Beatles, it's probably The Kinks that have the most albums on this list. Considering from what I've glanced of their discography they were putting albums out for an extremely long time, so I can guarantee this is probably nowhere near the last.  This was the last album where all the original members were involved though. I think what is most shocking for me is that this album was a huge flop when it released. It only sold about 100,000 copies, but it seems the most musically consistent to me. There was no reason to fret in the long run though, because this is now one of their best selling albums over time. 

My Thoughts
First off, these guys love their cartoons. Donald Duck, and Scooby Doo had the honor of hitting the lyrics. Secondly, I enjoyed this album.  My favorite song of theirs so far overall has been "Dandy", and I felt like this album captured more of that sound I enjoyed so much about that song.  I have no idea why this album would be a flop. Also, I couldn't help but thinking I was walking through a Wes Anderson movie the whole time while listening to this album. If you go listen to this album right now you will see what I'm talking about if you have watched one of his movies. Yes, I know Anderson has featured some of their music.

Rating 5 of 5. 

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