Monday, May 14, 2012

129 of 1001 Albums: The United States of America's Self Titled

This was the only release by The United States of America. I guess they made an album, and then fell apart, which is understandable considering how stressful it seemed to make this.  This album set out do things that would have been considered far after it's time. The only available keyable synthesizers ran at over $20,000, so this provided huge technical limitations to what this band wanted to achieve. The album ultimately received positive reviews from critics, and ranked 181 on the Billboard charts. 

My Thoughts
Though this album isn't something I would enjoy I can see the music value behind it.  This band set out to be inventive, and provided a glimpse into what it was live in the U.S.A.  We have all these interesting cultures, and sounds meshed together in the album that takes it a step beyond what we generally consider music into something that almost seems like a piece of art. Considering the fact of how many electronics were incorporated before they were even channeled for music is also pretty astounding. Sadly, this isn't something I would listen to again though. 

Rating 2 of 5. 

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