Wednesday, May 16, 2012

131 of 1001 Albums: The Zombies' Odessey and Oracle

You probably wouldn't guess that The Zombies are an English pop rock band by the name.  "Time of the Season" wasn't expected to be a hit, and when the album released it didn't really receive a lot of notice as a whole either. Since that time though people have began to notice it's value. The album went through a lot of mixing, and the guys even had to invest in their own studio mixer to complete the album. Sadly, the band wasn't around very long though. Their demand for appearances began to fade, and the band dismembered not too long after. 

My Thoughts
I had no idea who sung "Time of the Season" before this album, actually I don't even think I knew the name of the song, but I've definitely heard it before. The song is very different from the majority of the songs I found on this album though, so it isn't a good representation in my opinion of their overall sound. This album is actually quite good though, and it catches you from the beginning. I like the poppy feel to it, and isn't too overdone to the point where you think they are were trying to force a sound they knew would get people's attention. Colin Blunstone also has a really great voice. At times they even remind me of The Beach Boys.

Rating  4 of 5. 

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